Dr. Kassadae of the USS Constance.

Doctor Kassadae was a Romulan Starfleet officer that served aboard the USS Constance as the ship's chief medical officer. (Star Trek: Constance)

Family and early lifeEdit

Kassadae's parents where Romulans that lived on a Romulan colony world, she was born shortly before the Hobus Supernova that would destroy Romulus. Her parents where killed in the chaos that followed the supernova, and she was found by a Vulcan Captain, who took her in and raised her as his own daughter.

From an early age, it was getting obvious that she would not fit in to Vulcan society, after several incidents her true species had to be revealed to the leaders of the community. A decision was made, and she along with her family moved to Earth, where her father had received a job as the head of Starfleet Academy.

There are unconfirmed reports that she is the Granddaughter of Telek R'mor, who appeared briefly in the 7-year long journey home of the USS Voyager.

Starfleet Academy and MedicalEdit

After awhile, she showed skill with medicine, and began to study as a medical doctor. Graduating second in her class at medical, she continues to be fascinated with medical discoveries.

On board the ConstanceEdit

Kassadae along with other officers including Rachel Covaks where assigned to serve on the USS Constance in early 2409. She accompanied Rachel on board the USS Khitomer when it was under assault by the Borg.

During the recovery mission, Rachel as acting captain confronted Kassadae about her origins, and out of surprise to the Romulan, expressed her desire to allow her to become the Chief Medical Officer. A promise she kept after being officially promoted to Captain of the Constance.


Despite her Romulan origins, Kassadae attempted to act Vulcan, with limited success. She was highly emotional, but was also cited as being a compassionate person and a good officer. She preferred to have her origins kept secret.

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