Karim Bin Nadal served as First Officer of the USS Independence (NCC-67091). (Star Trek: Independence)

Early lifeEdit

Karim was born in 2350 on Earth.

Starfleet AcademyEdit

He joined Starfleet in 2368. He began to practice the martial art of Isshin-ryu because he felt standard hand-to-hand combat training was lacking. In 2372, Bin Nadal was a member of Red Squad. He did not, however, participate in the plot to sabotage Earth's power grid. He graduated the same year.

USS TomcatEdit

As ensign, Bin Nadal served under Captain Sarah Catlin on the London-class troop transport as helmsman. During his tour, he was awarded the Starfleet Medal of Commendation.

Starfleet IntelligenceEdit

While working on the Tomcat, Karim was recruited by Starfleet Intelligence. He was immediately promoted to Lieutenant.

On stardate 50424, he was on an undercover operation on the Tzenkethi homeworld. He was captured by the local authorities but was rescued by fellow agent Lieutenant Commander Laarim.

Because of his service in SI, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and received the Starfleet Medal of Honor with clusters.

USS MidasEdit

In early 2375, he was tapped to replace the deceased Chief Security/Tactical Officer on the Ambassador-class ship. He served on the ship until it was decommissioned after the Dominion War.

USS Independence (NCC-77199)Edit

Admiral William Ross kept Bin Nadal with many of the senior staff of the Midas to staff the newly commissioned assault cruiser.

USS Independence (NCC-67091)Edit

In late October of 2376, the remaining crew of the former USS Independence (NCC-77199) received special dispensation from Starfleet Operations to rename the Jaap Penraat to Independence.

Due to Commander Ethan Windslow's request to be assigned to engineering, Captain Sintina Aurelia promoted Karim to the XO position.

Hobbies and other talents Edit

  • Practices the martial art of isshin-ryu.
  • Plays an old Earth game, Dungeons & Dragons, with some of his crew.
    • He plays an elf sorcerer that is "chaotic good".

Memorable quotesEdit

"There’s a difference between the ideal of the Federation and the reality of it. Which is more important to be loyal to?"
— ST: Indy, "Crimes and Shadows"


  • 2350 Born in Chah Bahar, Iran on Earth
  • 2368 Joined Starfleet
  • 2372 Member of Red Squad, graduates the academy, assigned to USS Tomcat
  • 2373 Promoted to Lieutenant, sent to Starfleet Intelligence
  • 2375 Promoted to Lieutenant Commander, assigned to USS Midas
  • 2375 Assigned to USS Independence (NCC-77199) as Security/Tactical Chief
  • 2376 Assigned to USS Independence (NCC-67091) as Executive Officer

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