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Karala Yagiyu was a metahuman, the daughter of Aralak Yagiyu and Aanima Yagiyu. She was named after a woman who helped her parents during a mission. (Dimensional Prophecy of Zohar)

Karala is able to turn the strength of her destrudo drive into telekinetic shockwaves. Her parents died because of the Jiternan Syndrome. She thinks nobody will ever love her, because she thinks she is so ugly. Because of this, she thinks her life is like the work of Sisyphus. Because of the thoughts that nobody will ever love her, she suffers from clinical depression. She is good in informatics and she was interested in it since she was 10 Years old. In past, many people were surprised because of her IT skills and she won a programming contest because she developed an improved version of the Hoare logic. She was a trainee at the SLNVRX Megacorporation. There, she learned hacking. After she learned hacking, she discovered that one of her classmates was a famous hacker in the cyberspace.

A lotus effect coating was installed on her teeth.

Character traitsEdit

  • Karala is fearful, introverted, shy, sarcastic, unsporting, and extremely intelligent.
  • She is often very dependent on other people.
  • She likes to be near to computers more than to be near to other people.
  • She has problems with the understanding of others emotions. Because of this during breaks at school she mostly talked to .

Memorable QuotesEdit

"There is no eternal happiness. Happiness is only temporary. There will always come the time that outer influences will cause that the time of happiness ends."
— A monologue of Karala in the last Episode of Dimensional Prophecy of Zohar



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