For this character's prime universe counterpart, see Kanril Eleya.

In the mirror universe, Kanril Eleya was a female Bajoran active as an officer in the Cardassian Guard in the early 25th century. (Bait and Switch)


Kanril was born and raised in Lakarian City on Cardassia Prime to parents who had fled Bajor after the Terran Rebellion captured Terok Nor. After graduation she was conscripted into the Cardassian Guard due to her test scores, and made an officer due to "leadership qualities".

Dal Kanril was engaged to Derlin Velor, a file clerk at the headquarters of the Cardassian Seventh Order, of which Kanril was part. Despite Cardassian traditions around marriage she refused to leave her position as a line officer in the field, to which Velor agreed, knowing that "a shore post'd drive me crazy".

In 2410 she held the rank of dal and was executive officer of the CDS Koranak. During a patrol they and the AKS Kang were ambushed by a Terran Imperial Starfleet squadron, but were rescued by the prime universe USS Bajor under the command of Captain Kanril Eleya, Dal Kanril's direct counterpart. Dal Kanril's CO, Gul Kerim Morag, ordered her to liaise with the Starfleet vessel.

In subsequent events, Dal Kanril sparred with Captain Kanril in Bajor's gym, discovering they were evenly matched. Dal Kanril later helped coordinate an escort wing that guarded Bajor during a joint attack on a Terran base in the Bavar system. Immediately afterwards she and Captain Kanril boarded drop pods from the CDS Tavracet to join in a ground assault. (The Wrong Reflection)

Physical descriptionEdit

Dal Kanril was approximately a centimeter shorter than her prime universe counterpart and wore her hair cut short. She lacked the prime version's prominent facial and abdominal scars and replicated kidney, and Chief Petty Officer Anoeza Watkins observed that mentally she was more similar to a Cardassian than a Bajoran.

She kept a capsule of promazine in a false back molar in case of capture by Terran forces. (The Wrong Reflection)

Memorable quotesEdit

"I've been telling Morag for years he has a very insubordinate subordinate."
"Trust me, I'm worse."
Gul Tekeny Antos and Captain Kanril Eleya
"In the Guard, the captain stays with the ship, but the XO drops with the troops. (dramatic gun cock) Let's kick some Terran ass, Captain."
— Dal Kanril to Captain Kanril