The Kalen-class was a type of battle cruiser fielded by the Cardassian Union during the 24th century. It was a common sight in the Cardassian fleet, though not as numerous as the Galor-class battle cruiser, which earned it a "little brother" tag amongst some Cardassians. (Ship Recognition Manual, Volume 2: Starships of the Cardassian Union)

The Kalen's design was similar to the rengat, a crustacean from Cardassia Prime. Its central hull was shaped like a crescent with the points aft. It had a deep notch at the forward edge, which contained the ship's forward disruptor cannon and the ship's sensors and its navigational deflector. The engineering hull was a series of smaller crescents sections linked together.

Wings of Kalens played decisive roles in several battles during the Dominion War, including much of the Kalandra Campaign.

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