Kahara III is the third planet of the Kahara system in the Romulan Neutral Zone. It has two moons. Formerly Class M, by the 24th century Kahara III had become a barren Class H planet with minimal vegitation and animal life.

The planet's sole point of interest is an ancient Iconian outpost, unearthed by massive tectonic activity in 2375. The outpost and its gateway were discovered by the Romulan warbird K'tara, after an earthquake released geothermal energy, activating some of the outpost's systems.

The Romulan scientists believe that the planet's gateway is capable of temporal displacement as well as spatial transportation. (RPG netbook: Shatters of Peace: The Neutral Zone Campaign, Vol. II)

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Gravity: 1.1 g
Diameter:  ? km
Equatorial circumference:  ? km
Land/water ratio: 90/10 %
Year/Day: 297 days
Day: 25 hours

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