K'Taria was an escort who worked on Wrigley IV. In 2389 she was instrumental in aiding Lieutenant Commander Eric Kramer, Lieutenant Melina 128, and Lieutenant Junior Grade Yvette Mintos escape Orion Syndicate members that plotted in stealing data onboard the Orion Avatar. She possesses the ability to change her skin color to any color on will. (Star Trek Crusader)

History Edit

K'Taria was found on a small alien ship of unknown origins in 2367 by a Bolian trader. She was a child when found, but grew into womanhood rapidly. She has been traded to many owners over the years. The Farian Fajah was her last in 2387. In [[2389], Fajah assisted the Orion syndicate in using her, and her two friends, Jessica Cartwright, and Rochielle Barnes into stalling the officers while they attempted to retrieve the data on their Shuttles computer. Unsuccessful, they were forced to take the 3 officers hostage, and use Melina 128 as the instrument to gather the data.

Relationships Edit

In 2389 she shared an intimate experience with Melina 128. It was said that their 2 souls are joined for as long as each of them live. Later she would seek employment by Frek on Starbase 140, as an exotic dancer.


Star Trek Crusader: Wrigley's Pleasure Planet

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