K'JoQ (pronounced Kay-Jock) was a member of the Cha'ouw Empire who has acted as the House Protector of the Special Imperial House K'HIg'Den and holds the rank of Captain in Starfleet and the rank of Brigadier in the Cha'ouwian Imperial Star Fleet. K'JoQ was 'adopted' into the house through imperial decree and his loyalty to Admiral Jeffery Higdon is unquestioned as the Emperor, in a rare move, released him from all fidelity to the empire to insure the safety of the Starfleet Admiral.

He has shown his loyalty to Higdon on several occasions and Higdon trusts him and treats him like a second son. So much so K'JoQ serves as commander of the USS K'HIg'Den's Lair when Higdon is not aboard and occasionally as the house representative in the Cha'ouwian Imperial Senate. As a result of this, the admiral has had K'KoQ command various vessels, particularly the USS K'HIg'Den's Lair, on occasions and also has sat as the admiral's designated representative in the Cha'ouw Imperial Senate.

Currently, K'Joq manages the admiral's estate on the Cha'ouwian Homeworld, overseeing the needs of the Epetai of the House K'HIg'Den, retired Starfleet Rear Admiral Karen Higdon.

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