The Juu'lara class was a type of cruiser usually fielded by the Orion pirates during the 23rd century. (Ship Recognition Manual, Volume 4: Starships of the Original Series Era)

It consisted of a long, narrow cylinder with the bridge located forward. At the aft of the cylinder were five pylons placed equidistantly around the hull, two had the warp nacelles while the other three had the impulse engines. From the distance the ship resembled a spinning orange ball of light.

Due to this ship's heavy use by pirate bands there was a great variety in the capabilities of individual vessels. Some pirates preferred speed over weapons, while others wanted stronger shields or multiple weapon systems, including torpedo launchers.

Background informationEdit

This class is meant to represent the type of Orion ship seen in the original TOS: "Journey to Babel". However, the design for this craft was given far more detail in the remastered version of the episode that came out after the SRMV4 sourcebook was completed.

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