"Ag, come on, you're Security. I came in, I just wanted to study rocks, all right? Now I'm stuck on a warship."
Juno Ichigaki to Athezra Darrod ("Downbelow")

Juno Ichigaki was a human female active as a Federation Starfleet non-commissioned officer in the early 25th century. (Bait and Switch)

Biography Edit

Ichigaki was a South African of Japanese descent. She held a geology specialist rating and in 2409 the grade of petty officer second class.

In August 2409 she was posted to the newly launched USS Bajor. As the ship traveled to the front lines, she played go with Lieutenant (JG) K'lak, son of Rokar, and complained to Senior Chief Petty Officer Athezra Darrod about being a scientist stuck on a warship. ("Downbelow")

Ichigaki was killed later that year when the planetary science lab was hit during a battle with an Orion Syndicate Slavemaster-class battleship over Dreon VII. (Bait and Switch)

Captain Kanril Eleya later had a nightmare in which the dead Ichigaki cut her ear off and promised to "kill you slowly, Captain, the way you killed me", when the Bajor was enmeshed in the nightmare anomaly. ("An Anomalous Nightmare")

Background Edit

StarSword mentioned in the comment thread for "Skippy's List: Starfleet Edition", for which "Downbelow" was written, that Juno Ichigaki was partly inspired by a remark in the SF Debris review of Star Trek: First Contact, where host Chuck Sonnenburg narrated a USS Enterprise crewman as crying, "I just wanted to study quasars!"