"Jumpers, Part II" was the thirty-seventh episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X. It was the last episode in a two-part episode arc, and the twelfth episode of the second season.


The Breen take to an interest when they realize these Jumpers are on the market. In a desperate effort to have them, they launch an attack against the Phoenix-X successfully retrieving the Jumpers for themselves. The crew then realize a special capability on the Jumpers and use that to their advantage to get them back. Meanwhile, Captain Daniel confronts the now physical ZL virus program finding that the ZL's powers are more than expected when existence itself becomes threatened.

Background informationEdit

  • Wallace admits he is the one who got Section 31 into dealing with the Phoenix-X, although Section 31 was responsible for the construction of the Phoenix-X and the Transwarp engine in the fanfic "The Recruited". So it may stand to chance that, in this case, with Wallace's help, Section 31 took a more active role with the Phoenix-X.

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