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"Jumpers, Part I" was the thirty-sixth episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X. It was the first episode in a two-part episode arc, and the eleventh episode of the second season.


The crew is sent to retrieve a series of two-seater shuttles called Jumpers from the Larvekken trader, Tetrajen. Meanwhile, Captain Daniel undergoes a realization of another more powerful being nearing the vicinity. Unfortunately, a xenophobic computer virus takes to that claim when the Jumpers are finally transported to the USS Phoenix-X, and the crew are at a loss for words at how a computer program could be so sophisticated that it can transcend the boundaries of space and time.

Background informationEdit

  • This episode marks the first time Section 31 is discussed openly with Daniel as a potential in supporting the Phoenix-X. In later episodes like "The Recruited" and "The Tilonian System", it is revealed they were behind the Phoenix-X the whole time.

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