Making history...


Commander Jack Keller is assigned to the USS Horizon, where he learns about the experimental jump drive. Admiral Thadius Rutledge orders a test of the new propulsion engine. During the test flight an error occurs and the ship and crew become lost and stranded in a strange and unknown part of space.

Key eventsEdit

  • Keller becomes executive officer o the USS Horizon
  • The crew conduct the test flight.
  • Breen make their advance into the Dallos Cluster.

Memorable quotesEdit

"To make history? No thanks, Captain. That honor belongs to you. Making history belongs to the young, not the old!"
— Rutledge declining Captain Pryce's offer to give the order to jump.

"I screwed up, Janny."
"I know, but at least, this time we can fix it together."
"I think I like that."
"It's a plan then."
"A plan."
— Keller and Pelar reconciling.


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