The Jules Verne Train was another product of Dr. Emmett Brown's temporal scientific brilliance. Utilizing the same flux capacitor technology as the DeLorean time machine, the Jules Verne Train or JVT ran off of steam rather than the gasoline of the DeLorean variants.


Shortly after being stranded in the Old West when saving the life of Clara Clayton for the second time, Emmett Brown did not allow his stranding to inhibit his temporal travel. Utilizing the technology of the 1880s and rebuilding the flux capacitor, and other essential components of time travel he designed a new time machine using a formerly scrapped steam locomotive.

In 1889 Emmett's hard work paid off and the Jules Verne Train, so named after his two sons and his favorite author, had its maiden voyage. Brown took his wife and two young sons to the year 2015 where he had the train hover-coverted to enable flight.

Shortly thereafter he visited Marty McFly and Jennifer Parker in the year 1985 to wish them the best of luck in the future, while exploring times unknown. (Back to the Future, Part III)

When he traveled into his dimension's 25th Century, Brown would acquire a new improvement he would add to both he Jules Verne Train and the DeLorean time machine: the spatial displacement synchronizer which would enable both time machines to travel through time and space.

In 1991 when the Browns moved into the 20th Century and Emmett founded the Institute of Future Technology the JVT would be heavily utilized along with the DeLoreans in the study of other eras and of the multiverse when Emmett became aware of its existence. (Star Trek: Voyager - Dark Realm)

Encountering the Delta FlyerEdit

While on a mission to locate a missing Marty, Emmett and his wife Clara would encounter a strange looking aircraft that they would learn was the Federation vessel Delta Flyer. Upon meeting these strange explorers from the future, Emmett and Clara would broker a deal. In exchange for helping them rescue Marty, they would help the Starfleet away team find its way back to its dimension.

The away team on the Flyer as well as the Brown family, Marty McFly, and Jennifer Parker would later be instrumental in thwarting the ambitions of Biff Tannen, while under the thrall of the creature Armus. (Star Trek: Voyager - Dark Realm)

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