Juanita Rojas served as Flight Control Officer on the USS Aegis in 2376. (Dark Territory)

Early lifeEdit

Juanita Pilar Rojas was born in 2348 on Allensworth Colony, the middle child of Benito and Luz Rojas.

Juanita was a rambunctious child, often the co-conspirator in her older brother Pedro's troublemaking and mischief. Her younger brother Arturo was the most reserved of the trio. Arturo's death, after contracting Correllium Fever, drew Juanita and Pedro even closer together.

Starfleet AcademyEdit

Juanita largely decided to pursue a Starfleet career because Pedro had. She eventually was accepted into the Starfleet Academy, Beta Ursae Minor II campus after her third attempt in 2370 at age 22. Captain Terrence Glover and his father Admiral Samson Glover were instrumental in helping facilitate Juanita's acceptance. Juanita graduated in 2374 at age 26.

USS CuffeEdit

Juanita's first assignment out of the Academy was aboard the USS Cuffe, commanded by Captain Terrence Glover. She served as a swing shift auxiliary bridge officer until early 2375, when Glover promoted Rojas to Alpha Shift flight control officer.

Dominion WarEdit

The Dominion War was literally Juanita's baptism by fire. Many of her graduating classmates suffered injuries and some died during the war. Juanita felt she was becoming desensitized to the death and loss around her. However, Pedro's death at the Second Battle of Chin'toka in 2375 shook the young woman to her core. Captain Glover took on a surrogate brother/father role for the shattered young woman.

USS AegisEdit

In January 2376, Juanita followed Captain Glover to the USS Aegis. In March 2376, she took part in the stealing of the Aegis to rescue Captain Glover from Cardassian True Way extremists.

Jaros IIEdit

In late March 2376, the starship Tsushima took their accomplices to the Federation penal colony Jaros II to serve a 90 day sentence.

Family and personal lifeEdit

Juanita is the only surviving child of Benito and Luz Rojas. She considers Captain Glover to be a friend and mentor. Initially she resented Lt. Commander Aquiel Uhnari's assuming Pedro's role as chief engineer of the Cuffe, but has worked on alleviating herself of misdirected anger.


In August 2376, Rojas began a romantic relationship with her fellow officer, Lieutenant Tai Donar, former security/tactical officer of the starship Aegis.

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