Dr. Callison was born in England and cmo of the USS Yorktown (NCC-208) during the Earth-Romulan War.

She was only a few years older than Captain Bill Stiles. She was Chief Medical Officer on board the Yorktown and a person who abhors war and had never experienced the reality of war firsthand. She was Capt. Stiles confidant, bartender, and wishful lover (i.e. she was fond of Stiles and at times had a crush on him). Her value system and belief system were challenged as she comes fact-to-face with war and its many issues. Over time she changed her opinion and viewpoint. It is a growth for her, as she was used to the “quiet little practice in Cardiff,” as she was fond of saying. In actuality, Dr. Callison was once a well respected within Starfleet as a Medical Officer. She went through a tumultuous marriage and was divorced.

Her confidence in people and relationships forced her to take a leave of absence from Starfleet, and she went back to Cardiff, in England, to get a fresh perspective. She was lured back to Starfleet, and an assignment onboard the “Yorktown” and the request of Captain Stiles. While she was a fine physician, she was covering new ground with exposure to space exploration and new species. She also felt the new assignment would help her forget the failure of her marriage. In addition, Dr. Callison had no family, and few friends with the exception of those in Starfleet. (Star Trek: The Romulan Wars)

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