"Journey of Hope" was the eighth episode of Star Trek: Dragon, written by Jon Wasik.


With repairs to the Dragon and the other Hintaru ships under way, the fleet continues its journey towards Hintaru space, a journey that will take one month at warp twelve. Commander Tarkent has also obtained technical specifications and information allowing her to begin modifying the Dragon's deflector to be much more resistant to Vorkalai weaponry.

Meanwhile, while studying stolen Vorkalai computer databases, Commander Diqualia's crew has discovered plans to build a massive weapon simply dubbed The Destroyer, a massive ship that utilizes a crystal found at the core of a conquered planet to disrupt the space time continuum at any ranged focal point. It is likely many months away from completion, but the news serves to dampen the crews' spirits. Furthermore, the Dragon crew is beginning to miss home even more so. Commander Caft admits to having sleepless nights as a result.

Realizing the value of keeping the crew busy, Captain Harriman decides that, with help from their new allies, its time to come up with a realistic plan for the Bladerunner-class fighter, a design Harriman created long ago, but a design that can only be created in the holodeck due to its use of technological advances not yet created.

With Commander Diqualia's help, they are able to make the fantastical elements of the fighter a reality, and they begin constructing a prototype on the holodeck.

While traveling, the fleet discovers a wormhole, and after studying it and sending a probe through, they find that it will significantly shorten the journey to Hintaru space to a matter of hours. Given what they know of the Vorkalai expansion rate and the rather devoid region of space they recently traveled through, Captain Harriman believes it will give the Hintaru at least two months to prepare for war.

When the Dragon arrives at the Hintaru home world days later, it enters space dock and begins a major refit that will include several battle enhancements. The first real Bladerunner prototype is completed and shuttle bay two is converted into a fighter launch bay.

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