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Joshua Stubbs was a human male Starfleet Captain. He first commanded the Akira-class Catspaw then was given orders to captain the Invincible, the first of the Invincible-class. (Star Trek: Invincible)


Born on Earth, he applied and successfully entered the Academy. While there, one of his class-mates, Adam Tryke became a rival of his. One such incident of their rivalry was a fight at graduation where he broke Adam's nose and Tryke tried to ensure "he would never have children." Despite their rocky relationship; he grew to admire Tryke. (Introductions) It was during this time he meet his future wife, a human woman named Veronica in San Fransisco. (Viral Damage)

His first command was the Akira-class Catspaw. While there, he made friends with nurse Sarah King and Councilor Jemma Grax. Their friendship became the object of rumors of improper play. (Introductions}

In 2385, he received command of the newest ship in Starfleet, the Invincible-class Invincible. His command was a temporary one; slated to last only a year, as the tactical officer, his old rival Adam Tryke, was observed to see if he would be able to command the new ship.


Naturally good-natured and easy going; he was able to make friends with most people. Even with Adam Tryke, he had a great deal of respect for him; despite the lack of mutual feelings. He considered himself a true gentleman towards women, a fact advocated by Adam Tryke when questions were raised on how he met his wife.

He was also a capable captain, having proven himself on the Catspaw.


Season 1

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