Joshua Riker

Joshua Riker (2409)

Joshua Riker was a Maquis commander encountered by an away team from the USS Constance, led by Drash Kada, in 2409. (Star Trek: Constance)

The MaquisEdit

Joshua Riker was the son of Thomas Riker, a copy of Commander William T. Riker formed from a transporter accident.

After Thomas betrayed the Federation to join the Maquis, he was captured by the Cardassians and sent to a prison camp. When the camp was abandoned, the prisoners where left to fend for themselves, Joshua was eventually made leader after his father died of heart failure. (Star Trek Online)

The former Maquis were eventually captured by Gul Boraj of the True Way, and brought to a moon of a planet in the Badlands.

Encounter with the ConstanceEdit

The group was held captive for a short time before in 2409, the USS Constance reached the planet as part of an investigation into True Way activity. While the rest of the Maquis where transported aboard the Constance, Joshua stayed behind to assist the away team in taking the base's commander, Gul Boraj.

Captain Rachel Covaks was in communication with Starfleet Command, attempting to negotiate on behalf of the Maquis. She offered to allow the Maquis that could to stay on board as members of her crew. (Star Trek: Constance)

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