Joshua Petrelli was the first child of USS Baldwin first officer Jaimie Petrelli and Steve Guaraldi. Although he was conceived in 2373, Jaimie did not know she had a son until 2378.

Soon after Joshua was concieved, he was taken from his mother's womb by Claude Eccleston, Chief Medical officer of the USS Renegade under pressure from Orion Syndicate Orion Syndicate operative Malina, for the purpose of selling into slavery. Jaimie never even knew she had become pregnant. (USS Baldwin: "Family Affair")

In 2378, Joshua was brought to Salva II, where he manged to run away and enter a hospital where patients were being treated for Andorian Flu. In the midst of the confusion, he was found by Jaimie, who took him to Baldwin. He quickly took a liking to Jaimie, as well as Baldwin's captain, Patrick Ingrum. After tests proved that Jaimie was Joshua's natural mother, Patrick told Josh that he had found his family. (USS Baldwin: "Mother and Child")

During his first few days aboard Baldwin, he took a liking to the only other child aboard, Tiana Ingrum, and also indicated that he wanted a little sister. Patrick noted to Jaimie, who had also found out she was pregnant (again), that he has a 50/50 shot of getting his wish.

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