Chief Petty Officer Joshua Alexander Fuller was the transporter chief of the USS Cantabrian (NCC-24705).


Starfleet historyEdit

Josh Fuller enlisted in Starfleet in 2358.

He served aboard the USS Christchurch (NCC-18005) when then-Commander Noah Wrightson was the first officer. In 2369, when Wrightson took command of the Cantabrian, he asked Fuller to join the crew. Fuller accepted.

Single fatherEdit

Fuller's wife died a few years before 2372, leaving him to raise their two sons, Brandon and Max.

Aboard the Starship CantabrianEdit

In 2372, when the Cantabrian relaunched, Fuller remained aboard as transporter chief.

Excerpt from captain's reportEdit

Profile by Captain Noah Wrightson. Stardate 49447.8

Chief Josh Fuller has served as a transporter chief aboard the USS Christchurch and the USS Cantabrian during my assignment to both ships. During our time serving together, I've found Josh to be reliable, intelligent and extremely practical. He's as much at home in engineering as he is manning the transporter console.

Josh remains just as loyal to his children as he is to Starfleet. His wife died a few years ago, and he bears both the responsibility to house and care for his sons. A day rarely goes by without him demonstrating his love for his children.

Chief Fuller is a valuable member of my crew, and I know I can rely on him in any circumstance.

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