Lieutenant commander Joseph Garren (service number SN-784-219) served as adjutant to Commodore Aaron Prentice. (Star Trek: Intrepid)

Early life and careerEdit

Joseph Garren was born in 2341 on Farius Prime.

Family and personal lifeEdit

Lieutenant commander Garren and his adoptive brother grew up on the lawless world of Farius Prime. Both were taken in by James Garren, a minor enforcer for one of the crime lords after their parents had been murdered by the Orion Syndicate. In later years, their adoptive father was also killed, and after both boys spent some time in forced labor aboard an Orion ship, they finally escaped to the Federation.

Joe Garren had been a candidate for the Chief of Security slot on the USS Intrepid, a post he lost to S'Ceris. Formerly a Merchant Service customs officer, he enlisted with Starfleet during the Dominion War, much to his brother's disgust.


A once close relationship with his adopted brother became strained after Joe enlisted with Starfleet. They spoke little since, though remained in touch.

Garren believed that he was the right choice for USS Intrepid's Chief of Security. As a result, his dealings with S'Ceris were often strained.


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