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For the mirror universe counterpart, see Joseph Dilan (mirror).

Commander Joseph Dilan was a Human Starfleet Officer and the Chief Engineer of the Vesta-class Federation Starfleet vessel, the USS Pureshasu during the early 25th century and eventually the Armistice-class Federation Starfleet vessel, the USS Pureshasu-A. (Star Trek: Precious)

Background HistoryEdit

Prior to Joseph's position aboard the Pureshasu Joseph was known to be fond of robotics as well as the androids created by Dr Noonien Soong, which motivated him to creating the Nanomachines android, KOENA.

In 2409 during the Pureshasu's maiden voyage, Joseph was awaiting it's arrival at Deep Space 9 so that he could be stationed on the Pureshasu as it's Chief Engineer.

In 2412 Joseph was foretold to have been killed by Klingons who were warring with the Federation. In an alternate timeline from which this was foretold, Joseph was slaughtered by those Klingons.

However thanks to a pre-programmed time jump in a future KOENA, Joseph managed to save himself from death. (Star Trek: Future Perils)

Background NotesEdit

Images of actors are used in photomanipulations to simulate the "cast" of the series. In these photomanipulations, Joseph Dilan is "played" by Matthew Montgomery.

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