For the mirror universe counterpart, see José Torres (mirror).

José Torres was an Engineering Ensign on the Enterprise, coming on board at the launch of the ship (In Between Days: Reversal).


Early LifeEdit

José was born in 2125 (In Between Days: Reversal). He was of Portuguese descent and a practicing Catholic, and his mother celebrated the day of the dead (In Between Days: Day of the Dead).

Before 2149, he worked as an engineer at the European Railway.

He, along with Brooks Haynem, Chandler Masterson, Aidan MacKenzie, Meredith Porter, Joshua Rosen, Jennifer Crossman, Elizabeth Cutler, Judy Kelly and Michael Rostov, was a part of a competition to develop an improved form of inertial dampers in 2149 (In Between Days: Where No Gerbil Has Gone Before).


José was with the Enterprise from the very beginning. He worked in Engineering, often on second shift, and was considered fourth to Charles Tucker III, Jennifer Crossman and Josh Rosen in terms of talent (In Between Days: Reversal).

First temporal dislocation due to a Kovaalan particle wakeEdit

When the Enterprise was first sent back to 2037, José found himself out of the genetics sweepstakes and with no wife, although he eagerly pursued first Jenny Crossman and then Hoshi Sato. In 2039, when a ship full of Ikaaran women was rescued, he married Corda, the youngest member of that crew and the last to die (In Between Days: Reflections Down a Corridor, Entanglements, The Three of Us).

Second temporal dislocation due to a Kovaalan particle wakeEdit

During the second temporal displacement, José and Lili O'Day got together once Malcolm Reed and J. Hayes had been killed, thereby leaving Lili bereft. Their courtship was long, and they wed in 2043 (In Between Days: Everybody Knows This is Nowhere).

Personal LifeEdit

He hooked up briefly with Doctor Pamela Hudson. He also pursued several women on the Enterprise, dating petite Shelby Pike for a while, and then Hoshi Sato (In Between Days: Together, Temper, On the Radio).

Memorable QuoteEdit

"Are you, um, going to Movie Night? Chip is showing Casablanca. It's supposed to be really good."
— (In Between Days: Fortune)

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  • Images of actors are used to simulate the cast of the series. As a result José Torres is portrayed by Ian Gomez.