Jordan Rudess was one of the aliases of a non-corporeal human who went by many names, in this form he was the keyboard player for the successful progressive metal band 'Dream Theater' he then went on to evolve to a higher form of existance, and then becoming one of the first non-corporeal humans. He also lived throughout various periods of time under several other names. (Star Trek: Paradigms)

Early lifeEdit

Rudess was recognized by his 2nd grade teacher for his piano playing and was immediately given professional tuition. At nine, he entered the Juilliard School of Music Pre-College Division for classical piano training, but by his late teens he had grown increasingly interested in synthesizers and progressive rock music. Against the counsel of his parents and tutors, he turned away from classical piano and tried his hand as a solo prog rock keyboardist.

While he was training at Juilliard, Jordan met Eugene Edison who taught him a technique that allowed him to shift people into alternate universes. Aboard the USS Enterprise Jordan claimed that Edison had "a unique understanding of space and time". Later, Edison and Rudess fell out, resulting in Rudess challenging him to a keyboard solo battle, which Edison lost, and was forced to leave Juilliard.

Now with his universe shifting ability and his incredible musical talent, he soon evolved beyond human levels, and lived out the rest of his life exploring space and time under various aliases.

Encounter with the EnterpriseEdit

Jordan appeared on the Enterprise-JFAZW in one of his more unusual forms and claimed he was 'the' Jordan Rudess, to test him, Geordi LaForge and Data built a Continuumtar and gave it to him. As he played the solo, he transformed into his non-corporeal energy state. The power of this solo also exploded Wil C Entity's brain, causing him to revert to his instinctual crystalline entity heritage, he then flew off to consume the life force of worlds. Rudess, still in his energy state, left the Enterprise to pursue him, and contained the force of the Enterprise's first officer. After saving countless worlds from destruction, Rudess left to explore space and time as he had been doing for so many years before then.

Other aliasesEdit

Over the years, Rudess has gone by many other names, including:

  • Vivaldi
  • Euler
  • Henry VIII of England
  • Elizabeth II of England
  • Hurcules
  • Churchill
  • Nelson

Rudess also implied that he was Jonathan Archer though this is not known for sure. (Star Trek: Paradigms: "Sometimes There's Rain")

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