Jono was a human male born on planet Coruscant and subsequently trained as a Jedi at an early age. An outsider to the Jedi Order, a Starfleet officer named Lewis took the young Jono as his apprentice at age 8 in 2380. For two years, Jono and Lewis fought side by side protecting the galaxy, and became close friends. (Star Trek: Unity (fan film series))

In 2382, Lewis was recalled to Starfleet, and happy that Jono had been trained well, the Jedi Order made Jono a knight. At such an early age, being only ten years old, it was quite a responsibility for Jono to accept. He stayed within the Jedi Temple for many years and attempted to train many padawans, including Featchus but had some “bad experiences” with it.

In 2385, Jono was contacted by Lewis who needed a Jedi to help him fight the renewed Borg threat. Arriving by Stargate to Unity Starbase, Jono continued his friendship with Lewis and aside from the Borg, fought the Iccobar and other threats to Federation security.


Jono is a master Jedi. He has been trained since birth and is very powerful. Lewis (his former master) is a match for him, but only very few others are.


Jono tends to keep to himself, and as such, very few people have gotten to know him. Lewis is good friends with Jono and trusts him implicitly, a trust that was temporarily shaken when Jono was partially assimilated and forced into a lightsaber fight. While some other members of Unity's crew have a bad feeling about Jono, they have begun to trust him, especially after the fight on planet Kressgon.


Star Trek: Unity incorporates crossover elements from other sci-fi genres such as Star Wars and Stargate (hence the references in this article).

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