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Jonathan Hunt was born in Seattle, Washington in the year 2335. He looks somewhat young for his age because his mother was half El-Aurian. His command was thrust upon him when his Captain died in a diving accident on Earth. Until recently he suffered from hydrophobia as a result of the accident. Even after years of service he still tends to make rash, inexperienced decisions, and relies heavily on his senior staff. (Star Trek: New Order)

During the Battle of Cardassia at the end of the Dominion War, Hunt was wounded in action and fell into a deep coma. He awoke on Deep Space Nine several years later, and resumed his command shortly after. Being ¼ El-Aurian, he has some telepathic abilities, has a knack for listening, and to some extent he can perceive the flow of timespace. It was recently brought to light that his mixed heritage caused a neurological condition known as Asperger Syndrome; however he has proven capable enough at commanding that Starfleet Command has chosen to allow him to retain his command. (Star Trek: New Order)

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