Captain Jonathan "Jack" Francis Satchel II was the commanding officer of the Federation starship USS Armstrong. (Star Trek vs Star Wars The Old Republic: The Old Frontier)

Milky Way GalaxyEdit

Captain Jack Satchel was ordered by Starfleet Command to investigate unusual behavior being exhibited by the Galactic barrier. The last message sent had Jack reporting anomalous activity along the barrier similar to that of a quantum slipstream. The message ended abruptly and there had been no contact since.

A galaxy far far awayEdit

During the first few weeks in the unknown galaxy, the Armstrong and its crew were captured by an organization called the Sith Empire and subject to horrible interrogations.


Background informationEdit

  • Jack Satchel has had a long and difficult development period from the mind of a high school junior dabbling in pixel art (2010) to now.
  • There are three variants of Jack Satchel played by two different actors, Nathan Fillion plays Jack in the Star Trek Online settings while John Barrowman plays him in Star Trek TNG settings.
  • A link will be posted for people to see the evolution of Jack.

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