Jonathan Dutton was the admiral placed in command of Starfleet Operations in the Oralian sector in 2380. (Star Trek: Pioneer: "Mining Operation")

Sometime in early February of 2381, on the behest of the other Oralian governments, Admiral Dutton met with the So'ja Ambassador to discuss the formation of a neutral zone between So'ja space and Non-Federation territories. During this time So'ja operatives managed to obtain some of the Admiral’s DNA for later cloning by Commander L'mar.

On February 18, 2381, while on Dinok for a conference with the Dinokian government, Dutton was abducted by So'ja operatives, and was replaced with a clone.

On May 3, 2381, before the start of the Coalition War, Dutton's clone was exposed and had to flee from Deep Space Five. ("In Custody")

He was presumed dead, however he was officially listed as MIA in the Starfleet database.

Also see: Battle of Deep Space Five

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