Major Jonathan Davis served as commander of the MACO troops assigned to the USS Lambda Paz in early-2374. During the ship's maiden voyage, he was part of a team led by Captain Limis Vircona to locate missing officers dispatched on a shuttle reconnaissance mission. (Star Trek: Lambda Paz: "Revenge a Dish Best Served Cold")

Davis was killed during the First Betreka Nebula counterstrike. First officer Ronnie Kozar and chief of security Mandel Morrison decided to pierce one of the plasma coolant tanks while fighting a Jem'Hadar boarding party in close quarters. Davis was tackled by an unshrouding Jem'Hadar preventing his escape with the rest of the team. ("The Tides of War, Part 1")

Davis was memorialized as part of a service at Deep Space 9 for members of the crew who were killed in the four months since the Dominion War began. ("Divided Loyalties")

He was replaced by Lieutenant Lisa Neeley. (Star Trek: War Aftermath: Episode 1: The True Way, Star Trek: Lambda Paz: "Divided Loyalties")

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