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Jon Falqon
Species: Klingon/Betazoid
Gender: male
Hair: brown
Eyes: black
Height: 1.84 m
Weight: 85.0 kg
Affiliation: none
Stationed: Bilitra
Rank: (former) captain

Jon Falqon was the captain of his own freighter, the Bilitra, in the 24th century. (Star Trek: Shattered Universe)


Falqon was an evil, heartless, "will-knock-you-off-if-he-doesn't-like-you, to-get-ahead" man. The one thing that he would always do was protect his ship, as evidenced by his actions in battle.


In Episode I - "Rising Empire", Jon acquired the heavy freighter Bilitra in a deal with Linza Medaltha, in exchange for a command rank and the position of chief medical officer aboard the ISS Descent.

In Episode II - "Taking the Peace", Jon left the Descent with Linza Medaltha on the Bilitra, and resigned his commission.

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