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For Sill's Star Trek: The Prospect Chronicles universe counterpart, see John Sill.

In the Pendragon universe, John Sill was the commanding officer of the USS Advantage.

By 2379, Sill had risen to the rank of Rear Admiral. In this same year, he, with former USS Prospect-A colleagues Anne DiCosola, Scott Fack, Kari Liljehorn and James Lee, attended the new Deep Space 9's commissioning after Project Restoration. During this time, Fack convinced Sill to lead a task force to Myhr'an space to explore the possibility the Myhr'an could be under M'Tar influence. This command came in conjunction with Starfleet data supporting the possibility.

Starfleet only allowed Sill to take six starships in the fleet, so he reassigned Fack to accompany Noel Turner aboard the USS Cantabrian as Turner's experiences with the M'Tar were nil.

Upon discovering the Myhr'an were planning on destroying the Federation planet Rhaandaran, Sill ordered the fleet to intercept the Myhr'an. (Star Trek: Pendragon: Other Knights anthology: "Gravity")

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