John Kimmett was a human Starfleet enlisted man who served aboard the USS Repulse from 2370 onward. (Star Trek: The Nomad Frontier)

Early LifeEdit

Kimmett was born and raised on the remote colony of Haven VII, located in the Beta Quadrant. He enlisted in Starfleet immediately following his graduation from high school. (ST: TNF "Death Before Dishonor")

USS RepulseEdit

The Repulse was his first assignment following his Starfleet training. Aboard the ship, he is in charge of managing the shuttlebay during the gamma shift. His immediate superior is Ensign Tim Burkehalter, with whom he has an antagonistic relationship.

Since almost nothing ever happens during his duty shifts, Kimmett is known for playing cards while on duty. Normally, he plays solitaire, although it is not unheard of for others to drop by during the night for a game. He has also had several run-ins with Master Chief Petty Officer Michael "Iron Mike" Baxter. (ST: TNF "Baptism of Fire")

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