John Garrovick is the commanding officer of the USS Exeter. (Starship Exeter)

Early life and careerEdit

John Quincy Garrovick, born in Anchorage, Alaska on June 3rd, 2231, was admitted to Starfleet Academy at the age of 17.

The Kongo missionsEdit

His command abilities surfaced during the Tangaro incident, an Academy survival training mission that turned to disaster when the Tressaurians fired on the transport. Garrovick was evacuated via lifeboat along and became stranded on the uncharted planet Tangaro. As the senior surviving cadet, Garrovick led the survivors, both Star Fleet Academy cadets and civilians, for two years until Star Fleet found them. It was during this time that his girlfriend Beth left him, assuming that he had died during the attack. Starfleet brass refer to Garrovick as "Quince", a nickname introduced by Captain Kosnett of the USS Kongo. Commander Paul Cutty, who served aboard the Kongo, still refers to Garrovick with this moniker.

The Exeter missionsEdit

Garrovick took command of the USS Exeter at the age of 37, following the demise of several veteran Starfleet captains. Garrovick initially requested Commander Cutty for the first officer's position aboard Exeter, but Starfleet Command insisted that Jo Harris fill that seat. Over the course of several missions with Commander Harris, Garrovick came to appreciate the wisdom of Starfleet's decision in this matter.

Family and personal lifeEdit

Garrovick's family has a tradition of Starfleet service. He is nephew of the late Captain Anthony Garrovick of the USS Farragut and cousin of Ensign Stephen Garrovick aboard the USS Enterprise.

Memorable quotesEdit

"The game is up. Call your ship and tell them to back off." ("The Savage Empire")


  • 2231: John Garrovick is born.
  • 2248: Begins his Starfleet career upon entering Starfleet Academy.
  • 2253: Graduates from Starfleet Academy and assigned to scout vessel USS Bowie (NCC-597).
  • 2268: Captain Garrovick is assigned as commanding officer of the USS Exeter.

Background informationEdit

  • Garrovick is the cousin of Ensign Garrovick, who joined Captain Kirk in an attempt to destroy a mist-creature in the original Star Trek episode "Obsession". Both were nearly killed until Mr. Spock performed a brilliant transporter maneuver (cross-circuiting to "B") that saved both their lives.

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