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John Baldwin (John W Baldwin, Captain, STARFLEET) was CO of the USS Thagard from 1991 to 1992. He was immediately preceded by Saul Abraham and succeeded by Alexandra German. 

Baldwin was very much an interim CO, who ascended to the Center Chair after the sudden resignation of then-CO Abraham. Only a few members of the Thagard were eligible at the time to become CO and attain the rank of Captain, and Baldwin was reqested to apply by a majority of the Senior Staff. 

Baldwin was instrumental in maintaining ship elections of the CO, and to establish term limits for the CO. Prior to this time, CO's were considered to be installed by STARFLEET for an indefinite time period. During the first election of the general crew, Alexandra "Sashi" German was elected to succeed Baldwin as CO. The change of command took place during the 1992 Crew Picnic at Valley Forge State Park, PA. 

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