Jocelyn McCoy (aka "Honey") was the wife of Leonard McCoy. (TOS novels Planet of Judgement, Enterprise: The First Adventure, Shadows on the Sun)
In Planet of Judgment, she was called Honey. It was not specified if that was her actual given name or a nickname. She is first called Jocelyn in Enterprise: The First Adventure.

The two were parents of at least one daughter, Joanna McCoy. (TAS: "The Survivor")

Leonard and Jocelyn were divorced by the time the former had become chief medical officer on USS Enterprise during James T. Kirk's first five-year mission.

The reasons for their divorce, and when they actually got divorced, differs from continuity to continuity.

Alternate continuitiesEdit

Absolute HorizonEdit

Jocelyn's maiden name was Leland, and she and McCoy were introduced by her older brother, John Leland, when McCoy was in medical school in Atlanta.

Jocelyn and Leonard were ill-suited from the beginning of their marriage. Joanna was born five months after they were married. About 2255, war had broken out on two Federation fronts -- against the Kzinti and the Klingon Empire -- and McCoy undertook officer training at Starfleet Academy to become an officer on the front lines, rather than be a field medic. Shortly before the two-year course was to end, a peace treaty was signed with the Kzin and a cease fire with the Klingons, obviating the need for McCoy to serve.

Despite this, McCoy felt honor bound to fulfill his obligations to Starfleet, to which Jocelyn objected. She left, taking Joanna (then about five years old) with her.

Simultaneous with McCoy's arrival at his first Starfleet assignment, he received word of both Jocelyn's remarriage as well as their divorce papers.

By the late 2260s, Jocelyn and her second husband had had two children.

Orion PressEdit

Heather "Honey" McCoy left Leonard because his work took priority over his family. The final straw was when he had forgotten their 10th wedding anniversary. (Orion Press: "The Anniversary Gift") While their daughter Joanna understood her mother's complaints, Joanna resented her mother's divorcing of her father. ("The Beginning", "The Unforgiving Minute")

Planet of JudgmentEdit

Honey McCoy filed for divorce from Leonard after he'd already received his medical degree and was working as a doctor in Atlanta. Joanna was then a young child.

After Honey left with Joanna, McCoy saw an advertisement in a local newspaper for Starfleet training.

Pocket BooksEdit

Jocelyn's maiden name was Darnell. She was born in 2227, the same year as Leonard McCoy.

She and McCoy did not meet until 2244, when both were in high school. They married in 2248 and Joanna was born in 2249.

The reason for her breakup with McCoy was that she had gone back to her first love, Clay Treadway, though they would not marry until 2283.

Both Treadways were in the Federation Diplomtic Corps and were envoys during negotiations with the Klingon Empire in 2293. (Shadows on the Sun)

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