Joanna McCoy was the daughter of Leonard McCoy and Jocelyn McCoy.

As a student, Joanna was on Cerberus II, c. 2260, when the crops failed. Carter Winston was instrumental in saving the colony and Leonard McCoy would express his gratitude to Winston personally (or so McCoy thought) in 2269. (TAS: "The Survivor")

Alternate continuitiesEdit

Absolute HorizonEdit

Joanna was born five months into the marriage of her parents, Leonard and Jocelyn (née Leland) McCoy. At the time of her birth, her father was still working on his doctoral thesis as well as an internship, which would make the date c. 2252.

Her parents were ill-suited to each other from the start of their marriage. Even so, Joanna rarely saw her father when she was a young child. Her parents' initial separation was when she was about five years old.

By 2270, Joanna had two younger half-siblings by her mother and her mother's second husband.

Gold Key ComicsEdit

There was no mention of Joanna in this continuity, but a Barbara McCoy existed. She was a xenozoologist at Urey University on Earth. (Gold Key Comics Star Trek #40 and #43: "Furlough to Fury" and "World Beneath the Waves")

Orion PressEdit

Joanna's mother's name was Heather "Honey" McCoy and she was born in 2249.

Both Joanna and her daughter Leah were dead by 2369. Katherine Pulaski was apparently a daughter of Leah. ("Eulogy")

However, in Until the End of Time, set in 2384, Joanna is still alive, and Katherine Pulaski is Joanna's daughter.

Pocket BooksEdit

Joanna's mother was Jocelyn (née Darnell) McCoy, and Joanna was born in 2249. Her parents' initial separation was when she was about four or five. (TOS novel: Shadows on the Sun)

Star Trek: PendragonEdit

One of Joanna's great-grandchildren was Horatio McCoy, a 24th century Starfleet engineer. (Star Trek: Pendragon: "The Argonaut Syndrome")

A Tale of SilenceEdit

Her full name was Joanna Rebecca McCoy, after Leonard's mother and Jocelyn's mother, respectively. She was born while Leonard was still a doctor on Earth.

As of 2267, she and her father had not spent a Christmas together in 15 years. (A Tale of Silence: "A Tale of a Doctor")

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