Jinal served as chief engineer of the USS Independence (NCC-77199). (Star Trek: Independence)

Early lifeEdit

Jinal was born into a respectable Romulan family in 2348. His father was an aid to a rather liberal Imperial Senator.

Flight from the Romulan Star EmpireEdit

At age 16, Jinal's father was under orders by the senator for smuggle his family across the Neutral Zone to warn the Federation of massive attacks on Romulan colonies. The Senate had decided to end the Empire's isolationism in response. En route, the third party freighter was attacked by the Tal Shiar. His parents were murdered. He was rescued by Starfleet.

Unfortunately, Jinal had been raised to not trust the Federation. So instead of telling the truth of his ordeal, he manufactured a lie of being a Vulcan. A lie he continued when he applied to Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet AcademyEdit

Jinal joined Starfleet out of hate of the Tal Shiar. It seemed the best way for vengeance. While there, his hatred subsided. He discovered Vulcans had a reputation for being good engineers, so he did what he thought was expected of him. In his second year, Nova Squadron attempted to cover up an accidental crash. He earned the honor of being named on the Commandant's List.

USS HawkingEdit

He learned how to maintain his Vulcan persona well before his first assignment to this Norway-class vessel. Captain Partic assigned him to engineering. In 2373, Jinal received the Jalhal Award for warp field studies and was promoted to Lieutenant junior grade.

USS MidasEdit

A year later, he was reassigned as Chief Engineer of the USS Midas. He served there until the end of the Dominion War. He was promoted again to the rank of Lieutenant at the conclusion of the war.

USS IndependenceEdit

Admiral William Ross decided to keep Jinal with the rest of Midas' command crew when they transferred to the USS Independence.

In October of 2376, he died aboard the Independence in attempt to save some of the crew. For his efforts, the Vulcan was posthumously awarded the Starfleet Medal of Honor.


  • 2348: Born on Romulus
  • 2364 Both parents are murdered by the Tal Shiar
  • 2366: Joined Starfleet
  • 2370: Graduated the academy, assigned to the USS Hawking
  • 2373: Promoted to Lieutenant (jg)
  • 2374: Assigned to USS Midas
  • 2375: Promoted to Lieutenant, assigned to the USS Independence
  • 2376: Died in service to Starfleet and the Federation

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