General character informationEdit

Ensign Jhamel was the counselor aboard USS Minnesota.

BIO file contentEdit

History in StarfleetEdit

Jhamel is the first Aenar to join Starfleet after all. She has decided to leave the icy caverns of Andoria and to explore the unknown aboard a Federation starship. After completing the academy with good marks, she was assigned to the USS Minnesota. So, the counselor job aboard Minnesota marks her first regular assignment in deep space.


Jhamel seems weak, considering the slimness and the size of her entire body and the facial structure, but inside she has got a strong personality, a strong mind in particular. She's blind like all Aenar, but she's also a telepath like all Aenar, so she can sense her environment with the two antennae growing out of the center of her head. The movements of the antennae are like a mirror showing her emotions to the outside world. People who are very familiar with Aenar therefore can sense the emotions of Aenar individuals by studying the antennae movements. To people who don't know much about Aenar in particular, the antennae waving is just as normal as the antennae waving of an Andorian, so not much attention is paid to it. Jhamel likes cats a lot, she used to keep one at her parent's old home.

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