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Jessica Kingsley is the current Federation Ambassador to the member-world of Tahn'Los.

A divorced mother of two, Jessica Kingsley has been in the thick of things over the last few years, acting as an informal Federation Representative to the Ba’ku people, since the discovery of the illegal plot to relocate them from their idyllic world. A friend to the Federation President, she has also been assigned various Ambassador-At-Large missions, taking a tour of various Federation worlds on a goodwill mission. With the induction of the protectorate world of Tahn’Los into the Federation as a full-fledged member, she has been assigned the prestigious position, due to the request of the Tahn’Lana. She is strong-willed and logical, but empathetic to the needs of those around her, which allows skilful negotiations. Settling down has allowed her to bring her son, Seth, with her, while daughter Megan has recently graduated Starfleet Academy. She hopes that her children will grow to appreciate this opportunity, since their father is now on a deep space assignment.