Jesse Kincaid was a Starfleet officer. He served during the 24th century, from 2352 until at least 2365. (Star Trek: Full Speed Ahead)

Early LifeEdit

On August 10, 2330, Jesse Miguel Kincaid was born as an only child to May Eloise Kincaid. At the time, his father's identity was unknown, as his mother had been employed as an agricultural specialist for the Federation at the Solosos III colony. Upon his birth, his mother opted to not list his father's name on the certificate documenting the event. Jesse was named for his mother's father, and unbeknownst to him, his middle name for his father.

As a child, Jesse was indoctrinated into the world of colonial agriculture. Although he was schooled at the colony's education center, his marks in astronavigation caught the attention of the local Starfleet contingent. The officer-in-charge, a Lieutenant Commander Markinson, sponsored his application to Starfleet Academy when he turned fifteen years old.

Starfleet AcademyEdit

Completing his academic studies and college preparatory courses in 2344, Kincaid was informed of his selection for enrollment to Starfleet Academy three days after his fifteenth birthday. It was then that his mother informed him of his true lineage. His father, Chief Petty Officer Miguel Luis Montoya, was a father of six and married to another woman who lived on Earth. Because of his father's status as a Conciliatory Medal of Honor winner, his appointment to Starfleet Academy was guaranteed, as all children of Medal of Honor winners are automatically guaranteed an appointment to any of the Federation's Service Academies.

Upon entry, Kincaid sought out the sciences track, specializing in Stellar Cartography. His interest in the subject came from his childhood ambition to become an astronomer. Due to his youth, being one of the youngest midshipmen to attend the Academy, he was paired with the youngest midshipman to attend; Midshipman Fourth Class Chakotay, a piloting and boxing prodigy. Being only weeks apart in age, they became close friends due to their shared circumstances. During his sophomore year, Kincaid completed his field studies course on Spacedock, and Chakotay joined an atmospheric piloting team on Venus.

He graduated with high honors, finishing third in his class. Commissioned as an Ensign, he joined Chakotay at the Starfleet Tactical College for post-graduate work. Upon his graduation with a Master's, he entered space service with the rank of Lieutenant (jg).

Summary of ServiceEdit

Dates of RankEdit

Insignia Rank Date Notes
ENS (Early TNG).png
Blue (Early TNG).png
Ensign January 29, 2352 (Stardate 25078.13) Commissioned as a science officer (Stellar Cartography).
LTJG (Early TNG).png
Yellow (Early TNG).png
Lieutenant (jg) January 3, 2350 (Stardate 27007.11) Post-Graduate Studies, Starfleet Tactical College.
LT (Early TNG).png
Yellow (Early TNG).png
Lieutenant June 2, 2352 (Stardate 29419.66) Graduated, Starfleet Tactical College.
LCDR (Early TNG).png
Yellow (Early TNG).png
Lieutenant Commander July 15, 2356 (Stardate 33537.2)
CDR (Early TNG).png
Red (Early TNG).png
Commander January 4, 2364 (Stardate 41614.85)

Decorations and CommendationsEdit


Date Rank(s) Unit Class Notes
April 10, 2348 (Stardate 25274.13) ENS, LTJG Starfleet Tactical College N/A Graduate student.
July 1, 2350 (Stardate 27496.8) LTJG, LT USS Adelphi Ambassador Class Tactical Officer, Chief Tactical Officer.
May 24, 2358 (Stardate 35998.94) LT, LCDR USS Yamaguchi Ambassador Class Chief Tactical Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Acting Executive Officer.
April 1, 2362 (Stardate 39853.91) LCDR, CDR USS Valdemar Ambassador Class Executive Officer.
August 14, 2365 (Stardate 43224.28) CDR USS Farragut Nebula Class Executive Officer.

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