Jean-Luc Hyperriker was the commanding officer of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-JFAZW) . Although officially he held the rank of Dark Admiral, on the Enterprise he was known as its captain. (Star Trek: Paradigms)


Jean-Luc Hyperriker was the result of a fusion between the crew of the Enterprise-JFAZW and the Enterprise-D. The captains of the two ships were merged; Jean-Luc Picard and William Hyperriker were mixed and became Jean-Luc Hyperriker. This was necessary to save the Enterprise-D from destruction, and to preserve the timeline. William Hyperriker was replaced through all of time (past, present, and future) by Jean-Luc Hyperriker, so he lived out his full life as Jean-Luc.

As a result of this fusion Hyperriker has personality traits from both captains, diplomatic and thoughtful like Picard, easily angered and unpredictable like Will Hyperriker. He has retained the sexiness and charms of both.

Hyperriker was an experienced diplomat and shrewd tactician, both of which led to some of the most colorful events of his career.

It is likely that Jean-Luc Hyperriker is a descendant of William Riker.

Early life and careerEdit

Born and raised on Earth, Hyperriker left in 2453 to join Starfleet. He graduated in 2459.

He met his friend Dr. Henglaar during his service on the USS Excelsior, whom he later asked to serve aboard the Enterprise-JFAZW.

He spent four years aboard the USS Pegleg, quickly rising through the ranks and becoming the ship's XO before being given his own command (the USS Stargazer-E).

The EnterpriseEdit


Hyperriker confronting his mirror universe self.

Hyperriker became the commander of the Enterprise right after it was built. He was the best captain in the fleet, serving aboard its flagship. He served aboard it as its captain for at least 20 years.

He asked Wil C Entity to become his number one after hearing about his excellent command skills in the absence of the captain of the Hood-XT.

While trapped in an alternate universe, he became angered and powered up to a super saiyan, eventually using his super saiyan energy to modify the warp core and fix the holes in the fabric of time.

Family and personal lifeEdit

Little is known about Hyperriker's parents, but his brother Robert, sister-in-law Mary, and nephew Rono live on their own planet, which they named HyperFrance, on which Robert has populated most of the surface with vineyards.

Hyperriker was good friends with all of his crew. He also had a soft spot for Ferengi Troi.

He was involved with Lieutenant (JG) Julie Nx'Sxjm, a Klingon/Vulcan/human/Kazon hybrid geologist stationed on Deep space 42.

Memorable quotesEdit

"Good times."
— Hyperriker musing
"He was a whiny little bitch."
— Hyperriker talking about Eugene Edison
"Wow, that was AWESOME!"
— After Worf accidentally fired a hole through someone's head
"Computer, run program: Dixon Hill and the crazy bank."
— Hyperriker relaxing in the holodeck

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