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Jay Krause is not this officer's "official" name. His full name is, Jo'Ha - Son of Arours. The Starfleet Academy instructors couldn't pronounce his name so he gave himself a nickname: Jay Krause. His Father was a Klingon ambassador. He was conducting a mining rights conference on Earth at the time he was born to his mother Qu'tel.

At the age of 4 his parents moved to Earth's moon with 12 other Klingon diplomats and leaders. They lived there and was sent to a Klingon school built for them. While there he took and interest in ship design and warrior combat. He also soaked up his rich Klingon religion. At 16 he left school and took a mini beginners course at the Star Fleet Academy, becoming a Junior cadet. He enjoyed his time there and tried to get the best grades he could.

At 18 he took the full 2 year course of basic training. Then took the 3 year extension courses in: Operations, Engineering, Hand to Hand combat and the survival extension course. At 20 he designed a new class of ship for one of his lessons. Although the ship was never considered to be made, it gave him a reputation among his instructors as a officer with imagination and design inspiration.

At 21 he was posted at the USS Sherwood a Nebula-class vessel as an ensign engineer and part time security chief. On his 3rd away mission, he was sent to a Romulan warbird to recover a captured science officer. He lost the ring finger on his left hand trying to release a force field. One of the field controls were set to detonate a small electrical charge.

At 23 he was re-assigned to the USS Sovereign as Chief of Operations. He gained rank to Lt. Commander.

In early 2386, Jay was transferred to the USS Odyssey-A under Captain Lewis to serve as a senior Tactical Officer. (Star Trek: Unity (fan film series))

Service Record

  • Academy Rank: Cadet
  • USS Sherwood Rank: Ensign: Engineer-Field Security
  • USS Sherwood Rank: Lt. Junior Grade: Engineer-Field Security
  • USS Sovereign Rank: Lt.Commander-Chief of Operations
  • USS Odyssey Rank: Lt.Commander-Tactical Officer