Jaro Essa

Jaro Essa.

Jaro Essa was a Bajoran politician who served as a minister in the Bajoran Provisional Government through 2370. In early 2370, Jaro attempted to overthrow the Bajoran government as leader of the Circle. The coup failed when Kira Nerys presented evidence that the Cardassians were supplying weapons to the Circle through a third party. (DS9: "The Circle", DS9: "The Siege").

Following the failed coup, Jaro confessed his role and quickly resigned in disgrace. As a private citizen, Jaro was then tried and convicted of treason and conspiracy to overthrow the government and incarcerated in Kran-Tobal prison. (DS9 novel: Bajor: Fragments and Omens, Star Trek: Lambda Paz: Divided Loyalties)

Jaro bears several similarities to Richard Nixon in this regard, as both were guilty of major crimes that led both to resign from office. These similarities are a reference to Frank Langella's role as Nixon in both the 2006 play and 2008 film Frost/Nixon.

During his incarceration, Jaro had come to regret his actions, becoming a born-again believer in the Prophets. While still somewhat skeptical, he began to see the benefits of Bajor's eventual Federation membership. While not condoning the dangerous recruitment methods of former Bajoran Resistance colleague Teero Anaydis, he did agree with Teero that the Federation was playing a dangerous game with Bajor, after it regained control of Deep Space 9 following Operation Return despite Bajor's non-aggression pact with the Dominion in 2374. (Star Trek: Lambda Paz: Divided Loyalties)

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