Jane Green is a Lieutenant Commander assigned to the Directorate of Xenobiology (DX) division of Starfleet Intelligence (SFI). DX investigates and supports the United Federation of Planets’ colonization efforts by collecting and analyzing information of and newly discovered planets. DX also evaluates the potential biohazards to the Federation. The Directorate of Clandestine Services (DCS) and DX often work in collaborative teams especially when suspected dangerous First Contacts are involved.

Born in London, on October 31, 2231, she is part of the “Go Team” that investigates irregular biologic situations in the field. Previously assigned to the Starship Excalibur, she has been at SFI only a few months. She believes her assignment to SFI as a demotion because of an incident on an away team and occasionally appears has a chip on her shoulder. However, it was actually her brilliant work in genetically modifying the quadrotriticale grain for Sherman’s Planet that brought her to the attention of SFI.

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