Jana Tren was a Betazoid graduate of Starfleet Academy and girlfriend of Michael Owens.

Even though born on Betazed, Jana Tren spent much of her life in San Francisco on Earth as the daughter of a Starfleet officer and Academy instructor.

She met Michael Owens shortly after his arrival in San Francisco in 2352. Owens first noticed her watching the sea on the Golden Gate bridge but was too shy to speak to her. She would later take the initiative and approach the then insecure cadet, signaling the beginning of their four-year long relationship.

Jana Tren joined Starfleet Academy in 2354 but never showed the same excitement and motivation that many other cadets did. She never put more effort into her studies than was required to pass her classes. However she would remain a steadfast idealist throughout her years at the Academy.

She was hit hard by Michael Owens’ departure from Earth after his graduation in 2356. Jana had hoped to be able to continue their relationship but Owens seemed more dedicated to his career and ventured out into deep space aboard the USS Fearless instead of taking a post on Jupiter Station as Tren had suggested . They would not speak again for many years after.

At some point after graduating Starfleet Academy Jana Tren would leave Starfleet to serve the Federation in other ways.

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