James Robertson was the Operations/Tactical officer aboard the USS Voyager-A.

Early lifeEdit

Robertson was born on in London, Earth in 2367. Ever since he was a child, he had a fascination with piloting and weaponry leading to the point that when he was six, he almost shot a cat with a phaser, unfortunately of course, and totally by accident.

However, from that point on Robertson went on without further incident.

Starfleet AcademyEdit

At the age of 17 Robertson, applied for Starfleet Academy and managed to scrape a pass on the entrance exam. From that point, he took various tactical and command courses choosing his expertise in weaponry over his love of flying, although even today he is a fantastic pilot and regularly practices using holodecks and training shuttles,

Starfleet CareerEdit

Robertson graduated at the age of 20 as an ensign as was assigned to the USS Venture, a Galaxy-class starship for four years as a junior tactical officer. While at this post, he received various medals for bravery on away missions and hostile situations and was also promoted to Lieutenant junior grade.

USS Voyager-AEdit

When news of the USS Voyager-A came through to Robertson, he immediately requested a transfer, as he had an interest in the stories/logs of the crew of the original ship. Captain Alrani agreed and Robertson came highly recommended to Captain Chakotay who chose him as Operations/Tactical officer with a promotion to full lieutenant.

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