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Commander James Peters was the Previous Executive officer on the USS Essex. (

Early lifeEdit

James Peters was born in 2334 to Kyle and Betty Peters, in Valdez, Alaska on Earth.

His early life was the most part, uneventful, causing little reason change. Change however, found him. His father was enlisted into Starfleet and was an Executive Officer Aboard a front line exploration vessel. When James was eleven, the ship, and all its crew, disappeared, leaving the young boy without a father.

Starfleet AcademyEdit

The pure mystery of the disappearance was enough to encourage Peters to join Starfleet, and at his first opportunity, he enrolled into the academy. Whilst there, his enthusiasm and drive made quite an impression on all those in his contact. One report read:

James' Drive and enthusiasm will quite obviously ensure his graceful ascension up the chain of command in Starfleet, however, it does make it very difficult for me to encourage the other cadets with him answering all the questions.

The TeatreeEdit

After his graduation he quickly became an established officer aboard any ship that was flying. Several posts came and went and Peters traveled vast distances to serve on them. The most notable of his posting was aboard the USS Teatree, a deep space science vessel. His unique approach to solving problems saw him climb three ranks in the matter of months.

The Teatree was destroyed however, in the battle of wolf 359, and the then Lieutenant commander Peters, was forced to find another post. That post was aboard the USS Essex. Initially enlisted as their chief science officer, the transfer of the ships first officer to his own command left the door open for a new XO. Peters walked straight in.

The EssexEdit

On one of his first mission in deep space, the Essex encountered a derelict vessel. After close inspection, it was identified as the USS Nova, the ship his father had served on. The entire crew was found, perfectly preserved. After the funeral, Peters saw one chapter of his life close completely, and considered leaving Starfleet, but after careful consideration, and some persuasion from his mother, he decided to stay on, content at serving as an XO.

The longest serving member of the crew, Peters has served under no less than three captains, and taken command on temporary bases after the death of one of them. (Cause of death, heart attack)

Upon the appointment of Captain Barlow, James filled an official transfer request, only to rescind it in order to help the new captain to find her feet. This show of loyalty earned his the rank of Commander.


When raiders attacked the Essex, James was killed in the attack. (Star Trek: Artemis: Episode 2 Here Comes the Cavalry)

Service RecordEdit

USS Brant Science officer
USS Holden Science officer
USS Sullivan Science officer
USS Teatree Science officer
  • Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Promoted to Lieutenant

Chief Science Officer

  • Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
USS Essex Chief Science officer

Executive officer

  • Promoted to Commander

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