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Second Jamat'hiron was a Jem'Hadar soldier who served in the Dominion War. He was the immediate subordinate to First Ruaf'izod during the operation to commandeer the USS Lambda Paz in late-2374. He was left in charge of the bridge while Gul Enic Hadar led to a team to engineering to apprehend escaped crewmembers and Ruaf'izod contacted the Starfleet officers from the ready room.

When a Sindareen battle cruiser under the command of Tor Vot, a former associate of Hadar's and Yelgrun's arrived in the Briar Patch, Jamat'hiron assumed command, having assumed Ruaf'izod was dead.

Jamat'hiron would later vacate the ship with the rest of the troops during faked Warp core breach. (Star Trek: Lambda Paz: The Tides of War, Part 2")

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