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The Jadefire Run was a four-seater soapbox car race held in a forested area at night on Chelymun, which Mrazek preferred because the Badlands (soapbox race) was held on a dry track. The track was full of lamp posts and benches along the cobbled path. It was one of the two major four-seater soapbox races held on Chelymun, held yearly and the finish line was the border of the Kartika Supermall's parking lot. (Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "Dilithium Dance")


  • Brianna Reiss (winner; 2:33.44)
  • Kwame (vice-champion; 2.33:46)
  • Diabound (3rd)
  • Jutudiel (did not finish)
  • Klingon team (did not finish)

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